Living here in Florida gives us a true insight about what it means to live in this great state … and we also have an in-depth understanding of what a Medicare Beneficiary is looking for when selecting a Health Plan.

We hope that when it’s time for you to make your decision about which Medicare Health plan you select, you’ll choose Florida Healthcare Plus. We believe you will be very pleased with the service and features we offer – as well as our excellent network of Providers.

Great Providers All providers in the Florida Healthcare Plus network have been thoroughly prescreened and we’ve visited each office to make sure they will meet your expectations.

Great Plan When you select one of our plans, you may find some features that are different from your current plan.

Great Service If you’re looking for superior service, you will find it at Florida Healthcare Plus. We are so committed to you, we’ve set up your own Customer Service toll-free telephone number. Call Customer Service from 8am through 8pm Monday through Friday with any question and a friendly, knowledgeable representative will assist you. During the Annual Enrollment Period we have expanded our office days to Seven Days a week.


(305) 888-1210 or Toll Free (866) 988-1210 or for the Hearing Impaired TTY (800) 955-1270 or


Florida Healthcare Plus will send the member a written acknowledgement of disenrollment notice within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of the request to disenroll. The disenrollment notice will include the effective date of disenrollment with the plan. Beginning on the effective date of the member’s disenrollment, FHP will not cover for any health care the member receives. In addition, beginning on the effective date of the member’s disenrollment, the member can see a doctor through the Original Medicare Plan, unless the member has enrolled in another Medicare Advantage HMO Plan. If the member’s doctor(s) needs to send claims to Medicare, the member may want to let the doctor(s) know that he/she just disenrolled from FHP, and that it may take a few weeks for Medicare to update their records.


Florida Healthcare Plus is a Health plan with a Medicare contract. This contract is renewed with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on an annual basis. By law Florida Healthcare Plus can choose to not renew their contract with CMS or reduce their service area. CMS may also refuse to renew the contract with Florida Healthcare Plus, thus resulting in a termination or non-renewal. This means that the health plan may not be available to the beneficiary the following contract year because of a non-renewal.

Direct Link for CMS electronic complaint form is available on

We’ve provided links on the left for information and documents you will want to review before selecting your benefit plan. We hope you will find them helpful and if you have any questions at all, just call us at the number above … we’re here for you.